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favourite btvs speecheswhistler (becoming part one).
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Chris Evans, he’s actually just a very, very sensitive guy. You don’t notice that immediately because he’s so muscular and strong. But he’s actually very delicate. You have to approach him very carefully and almost protect him as you work. He’s an extremely intelligent guy. And he also looks at a film from the director’s point of view. He’s also a director. So sometimes he’s just very, very focused and into the scene as an actor…But then other times he’ll [step] 10 feet back and see the whole situation as a director and come up with ideas or give his input. So he had this interesting way of going in really, really deep then also being able to step back.
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mostly what ive gleaned from this night is that i need to visit omaha and see the badlandgirls do comedies

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forever the most called-out girl in any stand up audience, forever throwing off comedians who don’t know what to do when I talk back

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I literally don’t understand open mic comedy - you have five minutes, memorize your fucking jokes

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gentlehousing replied to your post: “tumblr I am waiting to see a comedy show at a bar the size of my…”:

hi babe have you seen snowpiercer yet I wanna talk about the abolishment of western capitalism with youuuuuu

yes!!!!! and I made a special cocktail for it tooooooo it looked like blood all over the snow

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Is there a Les Mis headcanon that you had when you first entered the fandom, but have changed your mind about? What do you think about astrology? How did you get into paganism? What was your favorite undergrad class and why? → lionsroar83

ohhh good question!! I’m not sure??? I had no headcanons when I first got into les mis bc I was really just stumbling my way through everything! I thought jehan was a flower crown kind of guy at first and I guess I can still roll with that but I much prefer grave-haunting capital-R Romantic jehan now. and I couldn’t remember bahorel to save my life but I have since gained so many #bahorelproblems that he’s my fave

astrology is super fascinating!! I don’t know why it tends to explain people so well but my sign - virgo - is me to an absurd degree

I don’t really remember how I got into paganism - I saw a book about wicca in a bookstore when I was 12 and bought it on instinct I think?? then the craft came out and was so so important to me that I researched all the background to it and learned all about what in the movie was legit and what was totally made up. and I’ve been fascinated ever since, and I just keep learning stuff about religious traditions and myth and stuff whenever I can.

I loved most of my undergrad experience but a few classes really stand out: one on Nabokov, one on gender and illness, all my film classes (esp sex and gender in cinema). all of them exposed me to ways of thinking that we’re totally new to me which was why I loved them so much. it wasn’t so much the topics as it was the chance to revel in knowledge and feminism and all that great undergrad learning stuff that’s so exciting and rad <3333

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