good morning I woke up with excellent hair and I am sleepily cheering  soemily  on for her last day of the bar!!!!!

good morning I woke up with excellent hair and I am sleepily cheering soemily on for her last day of the bar!!!!!

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What are your favorite/least favorite scenarios and/or dynamics for e/r in fic? Whose characterization did you find easiest to write for the folk singers AU? How about hardest? → lionsroar83

ooh such meaty questions, marlaina you are the best at this

fave scenarios include sadness, awkward boners, painting, looking at paintings, and then happiness

least favorite scenarios include when grantaire doesn’t actually learn on his own that he is a worthwhile person and an equal to enjolras (because he is both of those things, and he needs his own self worth that doesn’t come from e. he deserves that). also when sadness does not become happiness. 

fave dynamics include painter/muse, supplicant/god, vice/virtue, wasted youth/overachiever. gimme all the extremes. except terrorist dynamics, generally, i am not so much into that. 

easiest characterization: definitely grantaire and eponine. they are both based on me in a lot of ways, so it’s easy to write how they would act or react at times. grantaire was harder, actually, but now that i’ve spent so much time in his head, i feel like i have this good grasp on my version of him.

hardest: probably jehan? he’s criminally underused by me in this story. i mean, i know exactly what i want out of him and his character, but then he never seems to show up in scenes when i want him to. it’s very frustrating. enjolras has been difficult at times and easy at others - i have to write him knowing both his motivation and how other people read him (usually wildly different) and that can be easy at times, but not always. and there’s always the danger that i will change him too much from canon and throw people out of the story. i am very sensitive to that issue. he has to change and grow, because that’s storytelling, but it has be believable and earned. 

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team hot dad with 6. secretly a virgin → nocrimeinthewasteland


how would this even

they are dads

it’s in the name

it has been brought to my attention that adoption

in fairness tho it’s idris elba i mean it’s just… 

in which case i would write way past fic before either of team hot dads actually ended up being. dads.

except i wouldn’t write it bc i’m pretty sure if i think about it for that long my flesh will melt off my bones at the sheer hotness of. everything. dads.

hot dads

i can’t


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team hot dad with 6. secretly a virgin → nocrimeinthewasteland

how would this even

they are dads

it’s in the name

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cosette/eponine, 2 → soemily

2. bodyswap

they’re high school seniors, they decide to keep going to school and pretending to be each other while they figure out what is going on. but they trade clothes because it just feels weird to wear the ~wrong (right) clothing. cosette-in-ep’s-body punches the shit out of this dude who keeps sexually harassing eponine. ep-in-cosette’s-body has way more fun than she will ever admit at cheerleading practice. they have sex, because why wouldn’t they, because the world needs more ep/cosette. and then everything goes back to normal the end.

also that dude switches schools because he is fucking terrified. as he should be. as all sexual harassers should be.

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jmb #5 → soemily

5. fake dating

joly and bossuet each think they are fake dating musichetta for different reasons (needs to avoid an exboyfriend, wants mom to think she’s doing well in life) but the trick is on them because they are both dating her for real and also each other. get with the program, boys.

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5, e/r!! → alwaysalreadyangry

5. fake dating

e decides to infiltrate his college’s young republicans society (is young tories like a thing that happens in the uk????) but in order to do so, they demand that he bring a date to all of their horrible fundraisers and golf parties and whatever the fuck else it is that republicans do. this particular group wants to show how ~~forward-thinking~~ they are about homosexuality, so e decides on a fake boyfriend, but then literally everyone else is busy on the day of the first event, so r shows up at the last minute and sells the shit out of that fake relationship

this goes on for a while - e and r fake dating at real republican fundraisers attended for fake reasons of espionage - for reasons mostly of plot contrivance because the author of this fic just thinks it’s hilarious to cage these two together in not one but two ridiculously forced situations. e and r have sex in the bathroom of a country club. the republicans help them discover that they actually have feelings for each other, and that is terrible and amazing at the same time.

the end.

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bahorel/laughing mistress, #12 → soemily

12. accidental baby-acquisition

(i see u emily)

i live in a world 3000% dedicated to bahorel and his laughing mistress as cold war era spies, which means that in this case, she acquires them a baby from a friend in the russian foster system - and seriously, no one will miss the kid, and they’ll put it back when they’re done - in order to maintain their cover on a mission. bahorel is horrified at first but then happy to the point of distraction - it’s like having a puppy - no actually it’s like having two puppies, only one is adult male sized oh my god bahorel stop rolling on the floor i am trying to hear what sokurov is saying over the wire. 

i have no idea what happens at the end of this fic. it’s not sad though. they probably find the baby some really amazing former spy adoptive parents to raise it happily and only train it to be a spy if it wants to be.

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Steve & Bucky, #4 huddling for warmth → julandran

future CATWS fic - steve gets snowed in at bucky’s kiiiind of shitty brooklyn walk-up and then the power goes out (nyc and its blackouts amirite?) so after putting on all of the scarves and pairs of running leggings that bucky has ~acquired and still not feeling warm they decide the only proper former-poor-kid thing to do is share body heat. this obviously leads to sharing boners. i mean really.

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e/r, #6 → soemily

6. secretly a virgin!

welllllll hmmmmmmm

i guess the obvious choice is for enjolras to be secretly a virgin but i think it would be so much more interesting if it were grantaire instead. have i read this fic before. does it matter. the world needs more of this trope. can i set it in space.

actually space isn’t important, what’s important is that they’re relatively young - like early 20s - and grantaire has just. well. he usually passes out drunk at the end of any party, and he’s just never really had time other than that because he’s busy painting - and he’s not ashamed of being a virgin or whatever but enjolras like cannot let it go. he’s totally mystified. and it’s to the point where grantaire is starting to get self conscious about it and super weirded out. 

they start meeting up regularly to ~talk~ about sex and issues of asexuality - which, grantaire isn’t ace but he is sympathetic to the shit that ace people go through (he is probably demisexual) - anyway it becomes this weekly thing for them to get together over coffee and argue and challenge each other. and enjolras loves being challenged, actually, because it’s really important to him to learn and grow as an activist/sj person.

and then it gets sexy, man, i don’t even know, we sexily make the leap from talking about sex to awkward boners to oops making out. and the first time e and r try to have sex they are laughing too hard about how weird it all is, because they have been discussing! grantaire’s! virginity! for months!!

but in the end sex is had and lo, it is sexy as hell. 

the end.

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